Rags to Riches

Our June meeting brought Stephanie Gaston as our guest speaker and, with her, an astonishing array of beautiful, handmade rag craft items. Some were made with assorted rags, in the age-old tradition of using up every scrap of material, new or old, to make beautiful and useful things for the home. With little or no money and lots of imagination, homes were decorated, warmed and illuminated by clever, patient fingers. When I say illuminated, I don't mean set on fire, but rather lit up by the care and the time dedicated to making beauty out of... Read more

Women's Institute headline at Glastonbury

The WI feature in yet another article by the Guardian, really excellent coverage and another demonstration of how the WI can shine in the community. 

The article describes how the 'Somerset chapter of 100-year-old organisation keeps party people in tea, cakes and shade as festival enjoys sunny prelude to bands descending on Worthy Farm'. Follow the link below for the full article.

http://... Read more

Shropshire's "best" church?

Our September 20th meeting brought Mr. Richard Byfield as our guest speaker, talking about Shropshire's historic churches and the work of the Historic Churches Trust. There is an amazing number of interesting churches in Shropshire, some of them, old friends, and some brand new, ancient churches of which we had never heard.

It was a fast-paced talk, with good photographs, illustrating the several ages of church building in Shropshire and the treasures that have survived the centuries. His talk left several of us thinking of an idea... Read more

Nesscliffe Community Festival: September 1st, 2012

Nesscliffe Community Festival took place on September 1st, in and around Great Ness Church. The Great Ness W.I. did SO much to make this event a happy day and a terrific success.

Welsh Drovers and Mr. Idris Evans

Mr. Idris Evans, the author of "Hard Road to London" and well known researcher into the lives and journeys of Welsh drovers over the centuries, was the speaker at a recent meeting of the Great Ness W.I.  He told us about drover families, how they brought cattle from Anglesey, across Wales and on to a variety of English market towns, including of course, the great London market of Smithfield with up to a thousand head of cattle at a time, moving slowly across the countryside. It was all much more fascinating that one would have first... Read more